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Transforming SMEs Across Singapore and Japan

Blue Maize Partners is an investment fund that strategically invests in SMEs in Singapore and Japan. Our mission is to acquire and skillfully manage SMEs, driving innovation, operational improvements, and long-term business stability.


Get to Know Us

The journey that led to the creation of Blue Maize Partners began in the US. It's here that our founders launched their careers, gaining invaluable experiences working closely with various businesses.


This path soon extended to Asia, where they immersed themselves in diverse cultures and industries, learning firsthand from SME owners. These rich experiences inspired the formation of Blue Maize Partners, a unique coalition of entrepreneurs and investors.


We strive, like the resilient blue maize, to nurture growth even under challenging circumstances, promising a rich harvest from each business legacy we are privileged to support and transform.


Our Investment Strategy

By adhering to these principles, we cultivate value for all stakeholders - from the businesses we acquire and the investors we partner with, to the communities these businesses serve.

Profitable Partnerships

We seek businesses demonstrating consistent profitability, identifying potential enhancements while valuing their established resilience and steady returns.

Operational Stewardship

We commit to hands-on, long-term partnerships that uphold the businesses' legacy and stimulate innovation, maximizing value and performance.

Capital Collaboration

Championing smart capital, we look for partners appreciating our active involvement and expecting solid medium to long-term returns from these profitable enterprises.

Why Choose Us?


Our Team

With our operational expertise and strategic acquisition capabilities, we offer a unique opportunity for SMEs to maximize their long-term stability and profitability.

Looking to sell your business or want to invest in our fund?


Connect with us today to explore how our operational and strategic acquisition approach can benefit you.

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